Probably Sri Sresti marketing Solutions ( is the only organization that can provide Optimization along with Content Management coupled with hosting and desgning solutions all under roof for reasonable price.
The word optimization itself is known only to few web designers. Having a website is making you land on an international platform. Optimizing the website is having a boarding pass.

Though there are various methods of promotion we follow only organic methods that provide you good traffic and hence good sales over the years to come.

Though our procedures take a little to mature but they provide better ranking, better visibility over a period of time with minimum one time expenditure.
Website Promotion for more visitors and more Sales
web promotion simplified to give more visitors that too organically you do not need to break your head to get traffic we are here to help you
Now, you do not need to break your head to get traffic. We are here to help you.
Yours one best and reliable source to have your website with rank and visitors that too with organic promotion and eithical optimization with one time budget starting from just Rs.3500/- only.
With our ethical optimization techniques, the world will be in your basket.
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Sri Sresti Marketing Solutions
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These days the cheap and best online marketing tool is Email marketing.

Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers, Concept sellers, service providers can inform about their products and services to people all over the world with this amazing email marketing tool.
We have a product like Bulk Email Sending software. We also provide Email id database to our customers for their marketing purpose. We are giving high response ratio email id database. We provide SMTP servers also for sending bulk emails using our servers.
Free 25 Crore Indian E-Mail ID Database and 55 Crore World E-Mail ID Database
We have crafted a strong, zero-tolerance anti-spam policy to protect the delivery rates and reputations of our customers. If you feel one of our customers has sent you spam, please email us and we'll immediately take steps to solve the problem.
Our Anti-Spam Policy
We hold the privacy of all users in the highest regard, as well as the recipients of emails sent by our customers. "SPAM" has proven to be a major problem for many of our customers and the Internet at large. Spam is a common slang term referring to the sending of unsolicited email, instant messaging, or other communication to a large group of people at once. Variations on this practice include off topic (and usually promotional) messages on bulletin boards, guest books, Usenet newsgroups, or chat rooms.

Spam is strictly against our Terms and Conditions, and will result in legal action to be taken by a number of third parties, including ISP services, User's, and Other involved parties.
The Federal CAN-SPAM Act, put into law in 2003, dictates rules in sending commercial email. We vigorously follow those rules. They include:

If you are sending commercial email, non-personal, business-focused email, you must have specific permission to email your recipients. You can do this by using opt-in or closed loop opt-in to sign up subscribers.

You must hang on to evidence that subscribers have given you permission, and must be able to produce that evidence within 72 hours of request.

You must tell your recipients, in your email, where you got their info. This might include a line that says “you received this email because you signed up for our newsletter at

You must honor all unsubscribe requests within 10 days of receipt and provide a reasonable way for customers to unsubscribe.
The domain attached to your email must have its own privacy policy.

You must be able to track down anonymous complaints.

You must tell the truth in your email, from where your office is located to who is sending the actual communication.

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