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Sri Sresti marketing Solutions (srisms.com) caters the needs of eco friendly Solar products, web hosting solutions, content writing for various print and web media, branded sms packages, sweet tasting diabetic tea, plant care, psoriasis kits, nutritional products, etc at most affordable prices with a high degree of customer satisfaction.
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Sri Sresti Marketing Solutions established in the year 2002 with a view to promote some special services and products with marketing skills of 25 years is marching ahead with a great deal of consumer / clients satisfaction.

We offer various marketing channels for various products in economical ways and best returns for your money. Though our setup is in Andhra Pradesh, only at present, we are on the verge of expanding to other parts in India in the very near future.

We can provide hosting solutions for charities, NGO’s, social service centers, churches, ministries, missionaries, hotels, trusts, hospitals, educational institutions; computer institutes etc at most reasonable prices. Most people who have a website go un noticed as their websites are not known only to them. We promote websites at most competitive prices.

One can find interesting information on magnet therapy & diabetic ulcer treatments. Visitors can get useful links to various Private & Government of India websites.

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Sri Sresti Marketing Solutions
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