Comprehensive Management of Psoriasis with CeNoMed Therapy
Psoriasis is puzzle. It need to managed and treated with natural principles and therapies than aiming in dark and CeNoMed therapy comes in very handy. The name itself is new and phonetically it resembles “See No Medicine”. Though we adhere to this principle, treating an ailment or the diseased is practically impossible without any sort of medicine, what ever is the origin. Hence we try with least oral minimum Medicare and required external Medicare.
The principal carrier treatment tool is Magneto therapy, which is being supplemented with Principles / Medicare of Acupressure, Chakra Therapy, Herbal powders, Panchakarma, Ayurveda and Diet control.

As every system has its own limits, this CeNoMeD therapy too has its own limitations. We have so far tried on skin and pain problems and few other individual cases with a good to excellent rate of success. However this is not the end of the system but this opens up a new system of treatment for the diseased.

We invite the medical community to get known of this new system and adapt the traditional Alternative therapies for a better relief to the needy. You can download complete information regarding CeNoMeD therapy from the Downloads page in this site.

CeNoMeD therapy is designed to give a comprehensive approach to effectively manage / treat Psoriasis. CeNoMeD Therapy is based on Natural Laws & Forces, Safe, Effective and Affordable. The following are to be adopted for use in this treatment. For each and every individual treatment and hardware will be different. Hence the hardware SHOULD NOT USED for any other person or any other disease.

CeNoMeD therapy kit contains:

1.An Electro-magnetic field generator suitable for each individual requirement will be specially designed and provided.
2.Two pairs of magnets as necessary depending upon requirement.
3.Three types of herbal powders for use for three months according to requirement.
4.Oil for external application as necessary depending upon condition and requirement.
  1. Mantra equipment - if necessary
  2. Small vaporizer
  3. Gem stones suggestions
  4. Daily practice instructions
  5. Diet pattern
  6. Basic instructions will be provided as per individual requirement
11.Online consultancy / chat will be enabled.

In most of the cases, the results start appearing in the first two weeks itself. There is chance of recovery (to normalcy) to the extent of 90%.

One latest photo of the person. A photo of the area or spot first noticed / largely affected area. A certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Hospital stating that you are suffering only from Psoriasis and you are free from any contagious / infectious / viral like diseases. It should be clearly mentioned that the treatment shall be going under him / her. Your heart / lungs / kidneys etc are fully functional and free from any sort of trouble. His consent and constant follow up / check up about you / this therapy is required. Without this certificate the kit will not be sent even if you send the amount and other details. It will be detained till you send the certificate.

The following should be totally avoided without any doubt.
>> non vegetarian food
>> lemon

The following should be avoided
>> alcohol
>> smoking
>> excessive sex
>> sleeping late and rising late
>> improper food timing
>>incompatable foods

An online consultation for three months will be given. This complete kit costs Rs.6000/- (Plus forwarding charges Rs.500/-) in India . For all other countries USD150 (including forwarding charges to all countries). Once purchased the kit will not be accepted back or replaced for any other person. In any case if any department or agency objects for the import of the kit, we can only return the cost of the kit only. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any wrong application or misappropriation of any administration of any material other than the suggested information.
Please contact us before ordering.
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