The high-pressure modern day lifestyles demand optimum health and fitness of the human body. To attain this fit body, we ought to have a balanced diet along with a fiber-rich diet, as recommended by nutritionists. Here's the one source of a balanced nutrition and diet rich in fiber- Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup mix.
Ayur Soup Mix - One Food for Every One for Health in Every Sip
Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup mix is made from natural sun dried sprouted grains dried powder (like maize, bajra, jowar, ragi, millets, wheat, broad beans etc) with barley which are inherently rich in natural fibers along with essential herbals. Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup mix is an exquisite blend that undergoes stringent quality control measures and comes to its final destination-YOU, in hygienic packing.
Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup Mix is also a rich source of Natural Fiber, Proteins. Vitamins, minerals and a host of other trace elements. Its regular intake can get you better from digestion, assimilation and evacuation which are primary sources for heart problems, blood pressure, constipation, diabetes etc.

A balanced & nourishing health food for the entire family, enjoy Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup Mix in many delicious ways- as soup by itself or as dosa (mixed with idly mix) or as roti (mixed with rice powder) or as sambar (mixed with cooked yellow gram) etc also itís a complete meal by itself. Since itís premixed with vegetables itís very easy to make your favorite dish in minutes.

According to Ayurveda, cooking different ingredients together as a soup or stew makes the food easier to digest. This is because the vegetables and grains affect each other and take on each other's unique properties, making them harmonious in your belly instead of each having opposing qualities. All flavors of sweet, salty, pungent, sour and bitter combine in the pot so your system has less work to do, but reaps all the benefits of each ingredient.

Close-up on the Six Tastes of Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends getting all six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent -- at every meal. These six rasas are:

  1. Madhura--sweet
  2. amla-- sour
  3. Lavana--salty
  4. Katu--hot
  5. Tikta--bitter
  6. Kashai--astringent
Here's Why...

Each taste is associated with certain chemicals our body needs:

In the rush of daily life, however, most of us tend to eat on the run, grabbing a fast food here or a beverage there. How, then, can you make sure you get all six tastes on your plate everyday? The best choice is to have at least once a day as soup made with Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup Mix.

The six tastes should be balanced in the diet for optimum health and nutrition. The ayurvedic principle of the six tastes is the key in the science of ayurvedic herbal formulation as well.

Anmol Naturals Ė Ayur Soup Mix is prepared to balance Vata, Pitta & Kapha. All you need to have it as a soup.
Unless the food we take contains all these six taste principles, it cannot be a balanced diet and we have to face the after affects.
Skipping breakfast particularly irritates sadhaka pitta, a sub dosha of pitta. Sadhaka pitta is responsible for maintaining an even temper and when in balance, brings joy and contentment. An imbalanced sadhaka pitta can result in irritability and unsettled emotions.

Many people are too busy in the morning to eat breakfast or just do not feel hungry. If you've been used to skipping breakfast, start with a little Ayur Soup Mix and work your way back to a healthy breakfast. A good way to break the habit of skipping breakfast is to have Ayur Soup Mix.

Preparing Soup: Pour the entire contents of the pack (30 grams) in a vessel. Add 300ml of drinking water and boil. Allow it cool itself (generally takes about 20-25 minutes) and drink luke warm. For best results take it in the morning. Sip the soup slowly and take a glass of water / butter milk after having soup.

Generally for light break fast eaters this soup is enough. For medium break fast eaters roti or dosa made with Anmol Naturals Ayur Soup Mix is sufficient. For heavy break fast eaters a combination of soup and dosa / roti / attu shall be sufficient.
Don't Skip Breakfast! The Ayurvedic Perspective
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