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Sweet tasting calorie free tea for Diabetics, Hypertensives, Weight watchers etc with Tea, Stevia, Aswagandha & Sunthi
Solar Energy Meter 10 to 140V upto 100 amps. DC. With four parameters.
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Solar powered light systems for street lighting, compound lighting, balcony lighting, pathway lighting etc. Useful for real estate ventures, homes, apartments, factories, industries, anicuts, bridges, un-manned areas, residential schools, railway crossings, open lands etc. This model KL127DH has automatic Dawn to Dusk Operation.
Batteries for Grid Supply
Solar Powered Boat
Solar power plant that produces electricity even in dark
Solar power systems for mobile phone signal towers
Solar green house that generates electricity too
Solar Radiation in India
Bicycle Cycle Dynamo 10volt & HeadLight-for DIY school project-hobby kit-science. This is a 10volt rated bicycle dynamo useful for lighting, etc either for bicycles, diy project etc.....With improved Nickel Coating and higher power rating
Solar Charge Controller with Dawn to Dusk feature for 12V 60W panel
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Solar Power System in a Rice Mill in Andhra Pradesh
Solar Powered Car Battery Charger (battery self discharge compensator) with Battery Life Enhancer and Mobile Charger
Know the latest News and Updates in Solar Energy
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Car / Inverter Lead Acid Battery Charger / Life Enhancer / Rejuvenator /
This is useful for batteries in two wheeler and four wheelers, trucks, fork lift vehicles, inverter batteries, etc where ever there is regular charging of lead acid batteries.
Srisms battery pulsar is designed to recondition / rejuvenate poor-functional battery or batteries which have lost their rated capacity
Solar Converter to make your existing ordinary inverter system to Solar Power System
Solar DC fan with regulator, 4 Watts LED Home light, Night Light, Exide 12 V 7Ah battery, Charge controller and Battery protection. Comes with 12V 20Watt solar module and DC 15Watt heavy duty Indian Motor
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Be careful in while buying solar power systems
You can count on sunshine
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of Solar Panels, Light & Power Systems, Mobile Chargers from www.srisms.com
How To design a solar power system
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srisms001048.jpg SriSMS Battery Pulsar / Life Saver / Life Enhancer / Rejuvenator with Digital Voltmeter from www.srisms.com
SriSMS battery life enhancer / life saver / rejuvenator with voltmeter
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Round brush suitable to clean ceiling fans (easy to handle  and ease in inserting for the fan blade), walls, corners of room etc. Indian make.  We supply only the head part / brush part. You have to arrange a suitable stick / rod / pole as per your requirement
srisms001012.jpg srisms001011.jpg hydrometer.acid.water.filler for lead acid batteries from srisms.com srisms001009.jpg
This package contains: 1. Hydrometer - one unit: 2. Electrolyte / water filler - one unit
With the filler you can add acid or water in times of maintenance and check the electrolyte level with the Hydrometer. A MUST FOR EVERY PLACE WHERE A LEAD ACID BATTERY IS THERE. Take all standard precautions while charging / handling batteries.
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Now you can restore partially weak or low back up giving batteries with Srisms battery rejuvenator products. At present these are tested and recommended for inverter and car 12volts batteries up to 200Ah. Lead Acid Battery Pulsar Srisms – Lead Acid Battery Life Enhancer / Rejuvenator / Re-conditioner / Saver This is not useful if there is any short circuit in the battery or the plate’s separator is totally worn out or the battery is grown in size or over charged. This is a slow process and will take not less than 3 to 4 months to recondition the battery USEFUL FOR VRLA LOW MAINTENANCE BATTERIES ONLY AND NOT FOR SMF BATTERIES SINCE TOPPING IS NOT POSSIBLE.
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Kumar Solar Power Systems Model No: KSP CD10 with Head light. This is a 10volt rated bicycle dynamo useful for lighting, etc either for bicycles, diy project etc.....With improved Nickel Coating and higher power rating...highly useful for mobile charging (with a bike mobile charger - available with us at separately. charger price not included in this price / cost)
Most of the garden plants / kitchen gardens have poor nutrition with poor yeild due to various factors. If not properly taken care of they may even perish.
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